Evie Greenstone Volunteers to Help Children

Children are the future. It is something we hear time and again. Evie Greenstone understands how significant that is. Evie Greenstone has dedicated herself to many things, but two of the most important parts of her life are her profession as a lawyer and her time assisting children in need.

Evie Greenstone is a licensed attorney in Florida. As a young professional, she is a member of the Young Lawyers Division of Florida Bar. As a young professional, she also has a lot of energy to spend on what is important to her. When she isn’t working in the courtroom, she is volunteering her time to help children. Kids in Distress is a nonprofit organization in Broward County, and Evie Greenstone not only donates to the program, but she is also a volunteer for KID.

Kids in Distress helps children in Broward County who have been abused and neglected or who are at risk of becoming abused and neglected. This is important to Evie Greenstone because not only are these children the victims of their environments, but they are at a greater risk of becoming future criminals. Evie Greenstone sees the Kids in Distress organization as a way to help both current and future child victims. Her hope, like many others, is that she can help families adequately and appropriately cope with their struggles.

Evie Greenstone hopes more people will reach out to support programs like Kids in Distress in their own communities. Even though Kids in Distress is specific to Broward County, there are other children’s shelters and foster programs that need community support. Evie Greenstone asks people to help out any way they can. If you can, send these important programs a gift of money, volunteer your time, or donate one of the physical items the organization needs to continue to provide help and support.


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