Helping the Community is Always Important to Evie Greenstone

There are many ways people can help the communities around them. There is an endless number of programs and organizations to which people can donate, volunteer, or join. Evie Greenstone got involved in one very special organization in Broward County. Evie Greenstone is a member and volunteer for the organization Kids in Distress.

Kids in Distress helps children who are victims of abuse and neglect. In some cases, the children are placed in shelters or foster homes. Evie Greenstone has seen how hard life for these children has been and knows the work she does for the nonprofit organization is valued and appreciated. Evie Greenstone hopes more people will support the organization and participate in the therapy and counseling programs so that children can live safely and comfortably within their homes.

Evie Greenstone also helps her community through her work as an attorney. Evie Greenstone worked as an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County, prosecuting crimes under Michael J. Satz. Prosecuting crimes to prevent or dissuade others from breaking the law is important to Evie Greenstone. When the law is broken, justice has to be served, but the goal as a society is to prevent crime in the first place.

Evie Greenstone enjoys her job, and she feels good about doing volunteer work. Her hope is that others will volunteer to help their communities too. Volunteering is beneficial for strengthening community relations, which is what Evie Greenstone appreciates about volunteering for Kids in Distress.


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